meet The Bomb Squad

Tanner richard craft

Tanner Richard Craft is an award-winning writer, director, producer, and actor out of the St. Louis area. His projects include the Diagnosis (2019) and Processing... (2023). 

Austin Zwibelman

Austin Zwibelman is a St. Louis based video artist and post-production mercenary. Check out his latest piece, Paint The Cityscape (2018).


Tim M. Sullivan is a St. Louis-based editor and colorist, in addition to various set roles such as cinematography, script supervising, and occasionally directing. His most recent directorial works are the documentary featurette Enter Room 6 (2022) and the experimental short A Blinking Existence (2021)


Joseph Vrenick is an Award Winning Writer/Director from Council Bluffs Iowa, currently residing in the St Louis Area. His projects include Purple Stuff (2018), Double Bill (2019) and Sheenas Secret (2023).


Rein Conversi is a Los Angeles based writer, director, and assistant director. He’s as good at those things as he is bad at writing bio’s about himself. Uhhhhhhhhhh…. that’s good right? No? Hmm. He owns a parrot. Isn’t that neat? 


Ethan Halker enjoys cartoons. As an animator and lecturer he’s perpetually in some stage of watching, researching, blathering about, and/or making cartoons. He also does some video editing and motion graphics work if pestered enough. 


Joe Boevingloh is a St. Louis based video editor and cinematographer specializing in comedy content. Check out his work on YouTube at Joe Taco Gaming with new videos every Tuesday. 


Having worked for many years independently around the country, Brandon Detra has chosen to join the team at Bomb Squad Productions in their audio department.


Bennett is a St. Louis Based Cinematographer, and has a big appreciation for photography. His previous cinematography work includes, Tin Box (dir. Andy Compton), Inside (dir. by Blake Butler), and Aerobics (dir. by Christopher Weingart)