MORE About Joe

Joseph Boevingloh first started editing videos in 2013, at the age of 15. He started creating comedy videos with friends for YouTube on the popular game “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.” What were then simple videos no longer than a few minutes long with minimal artistic pizazz, would eventually become highly stylized comedy works that landed him here at Bomb Squad Productions.

In 2016, Joe started classes at Webster University. Due to his love of playing video games, he started out as a Game Design major. Two and a half semesters of game design classes later, he realized playing games was much more enjoyable than creating them. After much thought and consideration, he decided that to pursue a career in one of his favorite hobbies. Video editing. He became a Film, Television and Video Production major and would go on to edit fellow BSP member Tanner Richard Craft’s two most successful college films, “The Cardinals Fan” (2018) and “Diagnosis” (2019). Both of which accumulated multiple awards. In Joe’s senior year at Webster University, he was a video production intern with local NHL team the St. Louis Blues, where he would edit video content to be shown during home games at Enterprise Center and to be put on the Blues’ social media accounts, including the popular series known as “Wendy’s Junior Reporter.” If you want to see some of Joe’s work, check out his YouTube channel Joe Taco Gaming, where he uploads new videos when he can!

 (Content warning: strong language)