MORE About Ethan

Ethan Halker became infatuated with animation at a young age, a love sparked by 1986's The Transformers: The Movie. This passion would bring him to Webster University, where he would pursue a double major in Film Production and Animation. ​

As an animator and artist, Ethan specializes in digital traditional animation, but also enjoys traditional illustration and 3D sculpting. When working on live-action film, he tends towards motion graphics and editing work. His animated short "Bepis" (2018) has been described as "a film".

As a lecutrer, Ethan has done several lecutres on Japanese animation for both Webster University's Kinematifest and ASIFA Central. He also regularly does guest lectures for Webster's History of Animation course. 

Ethan also writes for the site Zekefilm as the site's animation columnist.