MORE About Austin

Austin Zwibelman is a St. Louis based video artist and post-production specialist. His focus is on eventually making VFX for feature films as a CG generalist. Beyond his efforts to make magic happen in Post-Production, he’s interested in utilizing emerging technologies to create cutting edge experimental work.

Austin also has a body of work as a director. He debuted his first short, Page 12 (2009) at 14 years old. As the years grew he became infatuated with Maximalist aesthetics. From expressionistic CGI sets in Attack of The 50 Foot Washko (2010) to the colorful lattices of Finale (2012), visuals played a key role in Austin’s formation as an artist. This culminated in 2018’s “Paint The Cityscape”, a God’s-eye flyover of St. Louis styled using A.I. to resemble the works of the famous painter Leonid Afremov.

Austin graduated in 2016 from Webster University with a degree in Film Production.

Whether directing, writing, acting or editing, Austin has been helping to create new entertainment for people to enjoy for over a decade. He hopes to use art, and the process of making art, as a tool to discover the mysteries of life. His primary work with Bomb Squad is editing our flagship show, Bomb Squad Movie Night.