MORE About Tim

Tim M. Sullivan is a St. Louis-based filmmaker. Editing is his primary filmmaking talent, but he also does a multitude of other roles on films, such as color grading, cinematography, script supervising, and occasionally he directs projects of his own.

Some of his major post-production projects include assistant editing on Trevor Juenger’s horror feature The Man in Room 6, lead editing on Stephen and Joseph Tronicek’s dark comedy short Shut Up and Salute, and color grading Randy Shinn’s experimental short Self-Exposure. His directorial work includes his horror short The Other Side (2019), his documentary short The Damage of BSL (2019), his experimental short A Blinking Existence (2021), and his documentary featurette Enter Room 6: The Making of The Man in Room 6 (2022).

For Bomb Squad, Tim lends his editing and cinematography talents for short films, vidcasts, and even a select number of mainline episodes of Bomb Squad Movie Night.