MORE About Joseph

Born and raised in the small town of Council Bluffs, Iowa, Joseph Vrenick had grown a keen fascination for the art of filmmaking from a very young age. From being exposed to the filmmaking process through the opening Making Of segments on the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition vhs tapes, to discovering his love for the works of James Gunn and Sam Raimi in his early 20s, filmmaking became an undying passion for which he developed an unquenchable thirst for. He would take this thirst for filmmaking to Webster University.

Starting in 2016, he would begin to shape his directing and writing style. By his sophomore year, he would write and direct his very first short film Purple Stuff (2018), which received critical praise and garnered a cult following. His follow up, Double Bill (Blood Oaks/Sex Demon) (2019), would also garner a cult following but this time it would come with two award wins and several nominations, including Best Director which would’ve been shared with Co-Director Chance Whitlatch. Now in his final year of Webster, he has since made 2 short films and is currently working on a third. Sheenas Secret (2023), A Centrist Watches the News (2021) and Decaf (in progress).

Ambitious, quick witted and full of hot takes, Joseph is excited to bring his unique vision to Bomb Squad Productions. For Bomb Squad, Joseph’s primary focus is Writing, Directing, and Podcasting.